Next Steps

If you are interested in having us help out with your computers and network, let's walk you through the next steps and what you can expect.

Contact Us
The first step is letting us know you'd like to talk. You can do that through our online contact us webform, through our online chat, or through the telephone.

Good Fit?
We'll talk about your business, your needs, your network, your employees, and your technology.  Then we'll review our services and plans, and anything else you'd like to talk about. Then, if we both feel like there is a good fit, we will process the paperwork.  Ideally, we'll talk in person either in your office or ours.

The paperwork is actually all electronic now. So, we can process everything via email. Essentially, once you know which support plan you want, we will email over an official Engagement Letter which documents all of the terms we've just agreed to. If it meets with your approval, simply reply with "approved" and our system automatically captures your approval and posts it to your account. We will also ask that a nominal retainer is placed with us, which will be applied to a future invoice.

Initial Visit
Now that the paperwork is done, we will hand you over to our techs. They will coordinate the timing of the initial visit. On the initial visit, our tech will get a formal tour of your facility, identify any urgent issues that need immediate resolution, demonstrate our online case management tool, discuss other projects you may want to accomplish this next year and set up the recurring site visit scheulde when applicable.

After the initial visit, you'll need support. We'll be there to provide it. If you selected a Managed Plan, then we will have a set schedule for our onsite visits. If anything urgent comes up, simply call us and we will get the issue handled immediately either remotely, if possible, or with a site visit.

We will also schedule annual planning meetings with you if desired, so that we can review what we accomplished last year and what technology related goals you have for the upcoming year. These planning meetings enable us to truly leverage technology to your benefit because we have an opportunity to think about and consider new technologies that may have relevance to your company.

If that sounds good, then feel free to contact us so we can get started.

Next Steps